Saturday, 8 October 2011

Barney's education

I like Barney...when my son 14mths
i introduced Barney for him..
He like it ...SO MUCH..

I wish to share some Barney awesome lesson to all my readers~~~
The 1ST chapter..NUMBER

Barney & Friends - Count Me In! (Part 1)

Song List:
1. Barney Theme Song
2. A Silly Hat 01:31
3. A Great Day For Counting 04:27
4. Taking Turns 06:50
5. Sharing Together 09:14

Barney & Friends - Count Me In! (Part 2)

6. Number Limbo 00:41
              7. Numbers, Numbers 03:33 
8. My Yellow Blankey 05:50 
9. I Love You 07:53

Wat  a surprise that they use bubble to learn number^.^
I'm teaching Ethan number while he is playing bubble at
Teluk Cempedak,Kuantan

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